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Is It Soup? Ramen Noodles

In my next series of posts, we will delve into one VERY important topic in the culinary world; Is It Soup or Isn’t It. Now one might ask themselves in their best Seinfeldesque tone “What is the deal with soup”? It’s a hearty, cozy & soul-nourishing meal with endless variations of flavor and spice. Well, some people think the Earth is still flat. If you find that notion sounds crazy, some people (who will not be named in person at this respected blogitorium) really dislike soup; an equally crazy notion.

Take a look at the example above of this cup of ramen noodles. The photo is taken straight from the microwave after precisely three minutes & thirty seconds (3:30). As you can see it is very “brothy” and would constitute what a lot of people would consider, including me, a cup of chicken soup; no matter how un-homemade it might seem.

Now for the kicker: Take a look at the photo below. This photo is taken after the ramen noodle “soup” has sat, covered for 10 minutes (10:00). As you can CLEARLY see there are no traces of broth, just nice and soft chicken “flavored” noodles. One of the key components here is the noodles are SOLID. The Soup-Earthers, I mean the Soup Dislikers, gripe about one main thing, the food not being solid. Keep that in mind when evaluating your opinion.

In my humble opinion Ramen Noodles can be considered SOUP if eaten with the broth but NOT SOUP if eaten without the broth. But could we get the Soup Dislikers to eat the ramen noodles without broth? Look at the side-by-side comparison below and make your own judgement:


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Introducing The Crunchilada™

This is the result of a dish of leftover chicken enchiladas and a 10 pack of Ortega Taco Shells in the pantry. Taco Bell only wishes it could dream up something this brilliant. This food hack (sic, I hate that fucking term. More on that subject later in ‘What Grinds My Gears’), they were very, very tasty. Having a soft, warm chicken and melty cheese filled corn tortilla inside a crispy, decadent hard taco shell. BOOM! Genius! (drops fork like Lady GaGa’s mic at the Super Bowl).

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