Time Out Of Mind by Bob Dylan

Off of a fresh listening from the purchase of the 20th anniversary edition on vinyl this album continues to stand the test of time. A comeback of sorts for the Nobel Prize winning poet, Time Out Of Mind harkens back to days when the recording had a natural “depth” to the music being played. Dylan’s older and gravely vocal style fits perfectly in these songs. Bitter blues songs about failed love and prison escape combined with slow, mood-filling rhythms makes this album a great road trip listen. In my humble opinion this is the last GREAT Dylan album…but then again he isn’t dead yet.

Released: 1997

Time: 73 Minutes

Track Listing:

  1. Love Sick 5:21
  2. Dirt Road Blues 3:36
  3. Standing in the Doorway 7:43
  4. Million Miles 5:52
  5. Tryin’ to Get to Heaven 5:21
  6. ‘Til I Fell in Love with You 5:17
  7. Not Dark Yet 6:29
  8. Cold Irons Bound 7:15
  9. Make You Feel My Love 3:32
  10. Can’t Wait 5:47
  11. Highlands 16:31

Cold Iron Bounds Video