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Do You Believe In Miracles?

This is what sportscaster Al Michaels said when the U.S Hockey Team overcame impossible odds to beat Russia in the 1980 winter Olympic Games. On February 2nd I think I witnessed the equivalent in darts.

We were our celebrating my wife’s birthday at a local establishment when my 16 year old son (Mr. A) expressed an interest in shooting darts. Mr. A is on the autism spectrum and has never shot darts once in his lifetime. I was excited to hear this as I always have enjoyed shooting darts in the past.

As expected the first 6 didn’t hit the board but then I showed him how to stand and eventually he started to get them on the board. Then after a while longer he got a bullseye. I was really surprised an excited for him at the same time.

After that Mr. A, myself and my best friend (Mr. B) started a game of cricket. Mr. B is a real good dart thrower, constantly beating me throughout the years. As expected he started closing numbers very early, but I had left the 18s open and Mr. A took advantage of that number by constantly scoring on it. Him and Mr. B went at least 4 consecutive rounds were one each had the lead. I was shocked.

Mr. B and I finally started closing out the open numbers leaving only Bullseyes left. But Mr. A was right behind us. I was telling him which numbers he needed and how many and he would get one or two each round. I couldn’t believe it. Eventually Mr. B did end up winning beating us on a double-bullseye. I came in second taking advantage by scoring triples on an open 15. But I was so impressed by the first time shooter.

Then Mr. A and Mr. B were going to shoot 501. Object is to keep scoring and go out on the exact number needed. Mr. A got out to an early lead with the pinnacle including a round with a triple 16 and 17. I looked at my other friend (Mr. K) in disbelief. This game started to draw interest at the party as the remaining guests gathered around to watch.

Eventually Mr. A’s lead was dwindling and both were coming down to the wire. The remaining round both needed a 6 to go out. Mr. B went over then it was up to Mr. A. First dart missed the board, then he stuck the 2nd right on the 6. Mr. K and I looked at each other and couldn’t believe it. Mr. A pulled off the impossible. Especially for someone 2 hours ago never picked up a dart. He received a round of applause from the entire group. I was so proud of him.

Yes Al, sometimes I do believe in miracles.

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