Custom Arcade Fightstick – The Dark Stick of The Moon

Dark Side Of The Moon Custom Arcade Fightstick

Inspired by one the greatest albums of all “Time”, this was one of my first designs for a custom fightstick. After weeks of being “On The Run” trying to find a reasonable custom case, I settled on a standard Mayflash F500 (a great buy for the “Money”). To be prepared for “The Great Gig In The Sky”, I upgraded the standard Mayflash parts with a Sanwa stick and buttons. Of course you could choose “Any Colour You Like” for the stick and buttons, but the black and printed artwork under the clear buttons fit the design the best.

To differentiate between “Us And Them”, the artwork was redrawn to avoid the scanned CD cover look. Nothing can “Eclipse” the simplistic beauty of this iconic album cover. Custom print was ordered through Focus Attack and the quality was beyond what I had expected. The hardest part of the build was getting the lines in the spectrum to (somewhat) properly align. One could suffer “Brain Damage” after 10 tries unless they “Breathe” normal.

Street Fighter II Dark Side of The Moon Attack

Nothing says “Speak To Me” like some classic Street Fighter II. Hadouken!!