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Exhausting People

Have you ever associated with someone who no matter what you said, liked or disliked they would ALWAYS say the EXACT OPPOSITE of what you said? Example:  You – “I really liked that new superhero movie now playing. Did you see it?” Exhausting person – “Yeah, I really didn’t care for it. The first one was better.” You – “That new album by your favorite band is really good.” Exhausting person – “I think it sucks. Their last album was better.” Only to find out a few weeks later they contradict themselves in conversation. Ugggh.

I have filed these types of people as “Exhausting”. Why? Because after enough time they become a chore to listen to. Everything is so negative. In simpler terms “Exhausting”. I have even asked an Exhausting person once if they actually liked anything. No response, it was if they couldn’t find an answer. Not surprised.

Now I am the first to say good conversation doesn’t come from liking and agreeing with everything like a brown-noser, but there has to be some sort of middle ground. Banter back and forth between friends is a healthy thing. Taking a big steaming shit on someone’s conversation time and time again isn’t.

So how do you deal with an Exhausting person? I have literally stopped trying to engage conversation with these types. It is a waste of time to try. Extreme yes, a sense of inner peace, definitely.

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