Yearly NFL Predicitons

Must be Opening Night Eve if I start to do the yearly picks. Let’s see which Conference I can whiff on this year.


North: The Minnesota Football Team*
South: The New Orleans Football Team*
East: The Dallas Football Team*
West: The San Francisco Football Team*

Wild Cards: The Tampa Bay Football Team*, The Green Bay Football Team*

NFC Title Game: The San Francisco Football Team/The New Orleans Football Team

NFC Champ: The New Orleans Football Team


North: The Baltimore Football Team*
South: The Tennessee Football Team*
East: The Buffalo Football Team*
West: The Kansas City Football Team*

Wild Cards: The Houston Football Team*, The Las Vegas!!! Football Team*

AFC Title Game: The Baltimore Football Team/The Kansas City Football Team

AFC Champ: The Baltimore Football Team

SB LV: The New Orleans Football Team/The Baltimore Football Team

SB LV Champ: The Baltimore Football Team****

Notes**: I am doing everything off a whim, payed ZERO attention to any sports. I’ll give the North to the Minnesota Football Team this year, Rodgers age will start to show late in the season and can they stop the run? No, but Rodgers is still worth a Wild Card berth. Saints win the South because of Brees***. McCarthy wasn’t the problem in GB and will take the Dallas Football Team to a Division win, would be awesome to see a The Green Bay Football Team/The Dallas Football Team playoff game. The San Francisco Football Team take the West again to the NFC Title game. Brady/Gronk combo gives The Tampa Bay Football Team a solid Wild Card berth.

Is the “Madden Curse” more powerful than COVID for The Baltimore Football Team? Nope and an SBLV win for them. The Tennessee Football Team overtakes the Houston Football Team in a much improved division the Houston Football Team wins a strong Wild Card and maybe a playoff win. The Belichick-Brady Dynasty is over…so is The New England Football Team playoff appearance, The Buffalo Football Team overtakes the East because why the fuck not?***. The Kansas City Football Team doesn’t repeat but will be fun to watch go to the AFC Title game. The Las Vegas Football Team is my only “sleeper” I can see this year. New stadium and no one there, same for The Los Angeles Football Team oh wait are they known as The NFC Los Angeles Football Team or The Los Angeles Football Team 1?

*Don’t want The Washington Football Team to feel left out.
**Barring there IS a full season.
***Noted the same in last year’s email.
****Barring the Madden Curse.