Missile Command for the Atari 2600

My favorite game for the system I hold dear to my heart. Iconic arcade action and a great translation makes Missile Command a must have for any 2600 collection. This is my reference game to test out joysticks, you will know right away if it isn’t working.

I always found the funky color palette swaps for levels mesmerizing. The red missiles on bright yellow background in the later level are bright enough to burn a hole through your retinas.

Great sound effects add to the intensity. The missile launch, compounded explosions, and the chuggga, chuggga, chuggga of adding your extra missiles between levels all work so well together.

Missile Command has the best game over sequence ever! You almost want to die to witness this.

With just the right amount of difficulty and “just one more try” gameplay, take this classic out of the garage for a spin around the block.